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If Colds Are Accompanied by These Symptoms, Immediately Take the Child to the Doctor

To overcome colds in children, Mother can actually do simple maintenance at home. It's just that there are several conditions that make a cold in your child requires special treatment from a doctor. Colds in children are more common. Even in one year, a child can experience colds up to 8-10 times. This happens because the body's immune system is not really ripe. When your child has a cold, he can experience a number of conditions, such as sneezing, nasal congestion, and mild fever. This condition generally improves in 5-7 days. But if the symptoms of colds persist for more than 10 days, you should check your child to the doctor. In addition, there are also several other conditions that make it necessary to be taken to the doctor. Symptoms of Colds in Children Needing Doctor's Attention In addition to a cold that lasts a long time, parents are also advised to see your child to the doctor if a cold in children is accompanied by the following symptoms: 1. High fever H
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Various Diseases Characterized by Bad Breath

Bad breath is not only caused by poor oral hygiene, but can also occur due to various diseases. Bad breath caused by disease generally has a distinctive odor, depending on the cause and which organ is disturbed. Research shows that 80% of bad breath is caused by problems with oral health. However, there are also some diseases that can cause bad breath. Each of these diseases causes different bad breath, ranging from sweet odors like the smell of fruit, to foul odors like dirt. Recognizing Various Diseases that Cause Bad Breath Some diseases that can cause bad breath are: 1. Cavities The rest of the food and bacteria can be trapped in the hole in the tooth for a long time to rot. This condition causes foul-smelling mouth. In addition to cavities, inflammation of the gums and dry mouth can also be a cause of foul-smelling bad breath. 2. Sinusitis Bad breath experienced by people with sinusitis can occur when phlegm containing bacteria from the nose drops into the throat. Bad br

Want to Know the Benefits of Lingzhi Mushrooms Means You Must Read This

Lingzhi mushroom, which has another name for Reishi mushroom, is described as a mushroom that is difficult to cook, has a hard structure, and tastes bitter. However, Lingzhi mushrooms are believed to have many health benefits, ranging from lowering fat levels and blood pressure, strengthening the body's immunity, to have an antiaging effect. Check out the following explanation. Lingzhi mushrooms are divided into two parts, namely the fruit located on the ground and the mycelium (the fungus-like part of the thread that is embedded in the place where they grow). This part of mycelium is usually used as an herbal medicine. Lingzhi mushroom is a mushroom species that has been used for a long time as traditional medicine in Asian countries, such as in China, Japan, Korea, to India. In fact, Lingzhi mushrooms have been used for health purposes since 2000 years ago. No wonder Lingzhi mushrooms are listed as the oldest herbal mushrooms in the world. Various Benefits of Lingzhi Mushroo